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Rewire Price Guide

Rewires include a 18th Edition  amendment 2 consumer unit-that’s with RCBO and SPD (Surge protection device).We install British Standard and manufactured in UK only!
Favourite makes-WYLEX,HAGER,LEWDEN, sorry,no FUSEBOX(unless you insist)

Also white sockets and switches (MK or SCHNEIDER),standard white pendant fittings. If you would like any other finish, please contact us and we will find them at discounted price All work is compliant with 18 th Edition standards and comes with NICEIC certification, part P registration and a six year insurance-backed warranty. 

More information on that, please see OUR WARRANTY. Cables will be in the wall-flush fitting, where needed will be covered with metal capping. We don’t like using trunking (surface cables in U shape plastic enclosure) However, if this is your desire, or the redecoration has to be minimal, this could be done. Please note, that plastering is not included in the price. Plasterer could be find, one of our regularly used professional plasterer, painter and decorator.

Two Bedroom House example

New consumer unit (RCBOs type a),SPD,12 DSSO (double sockets), 7 pendant lights, 1 cooker point, Main bonding to gas and  water services.

All this from £ 4000. In the price is included part P certificate and notifying Building Control on your behalf.

Three Bedroom House example

New consumer unit, 16 (DDSO), 9 pendant lights ,one cooker point, earthing etc.

 All this from £ 4500.In the price is included part P certificate and notifying Building Control on your behalf.

In all wiring/rewiring is inluded also 2 way switching in coridor/stairs, if needed. Also, we do any work, as long as is electrical, please ring for advise and price.


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